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  • Locator Services
  • Biometric Confirmation
  • Voluntary Registration
  • Video Camera Recording
  • One Button Text Notification of Location of Traffic Stop
  • One Button 911 Calling
  • Real-Time Remote Traffic Violation Notification From Police to Driver
  • Medical Information
  • Driver’s License, Registration, and Insurance Documentation
  • Positive Identification of Driver When Owner Is Sharing or Renting the Vehicle

Today’s Environment

  • Tensions between police and the public are at an all-time high specifically for African Americans
  • Traffic stops are some of the most common interactions we have with the police
  • They are the most stressful part of driving, especially for people of color
  • Though routine, traffic stops are also stressful for police, they don’t know who is behind the wheel
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The Facts

  • There are 227.5 million motorists in the US
  • There are 50,000 traffic stops a day
  • Each side feels threatened during this interaction, leading to suspicion and risky behavior
  • There were $330,000,000 million dollars in lawsuit costs against US police departments last year

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